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There is no official english (either dubbed or subbed) release of CCA.
There is a Hong Kong bootleg you can buy on eBay, but bear in mind the
subtitling is absolutely awful. Check the GML archives for a reasonably
lengthy review I did of it, but the fact that the subtitlers frequently
misspell words, MS's are called "Mobile Suites", only a single line of
text can appear on screen at once even when 3 people are talking (How are
you? I'm fine. That's good.) and the text is just white with no black
border .. shudder.
It looks like it was probably done from LD source. You're probably better
off reading from a script and following along with the movie, and just
leaving the subtitles off.

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> Hi guys. I just watched the Gundam Movie Trilogy and loved every second of > it! Char is a bad ass and I love him! I was wondering though, has CCA been > translated into English? And if so has it been animated or is it only > available as a Manga? Thanks for all your help. > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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