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Sun, 21 May 2000 18:31:36 -0400

Well, actually, it's only Wing and X so far, but the guy says he'll have stuff up soon. I personally think this site can be sort of a nice counterpart to Mark provides the info and the cool Mobile Suit drawings, this guy can provide the multimedia. He also co-runs what is probably the largest DBZ site on the net, which has virtually hundreds of MOV files and MP3s. Hopefully this new Gundam site evolves into a fantastic site....
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  Subject: [gundam] Nifty Gundam Clip site found!

  This site is very interesting-it's the only place on the net where you can really find actual clips of stuff from Gundam...the rest of the movie clips I've seen on the net are either movie from video games and Openings, but finally, some clips from the actual episodes!

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