Sun, 21 May 2000 14:21:52 -0400 (EDT) wrote:
> I meant the pegs that was attached to the long rods that connect the
> panel to the chest itself. The little "pegs" could easily break. I've

I don't really know what u mean, if you want to dis-assemble any part
of the chest, forget it. It's a one-way deal. i m pretty happy that I
had the disipline to finish painting the chest innards before putting the
armor on...

> had it happen to the shoulderpads of Tallgeese III. I wanted to take
> out the shoulder hook and replace it with another one, when the peg
> snapped off *with* the hook. I

u were trying to switch shoulder hardpoint between the T2 and T3 variants?
[mental note: don't try it on mine :]

> stuff in the box. Anyways, what should I work on next... I have 3 kits
> waiting for me at the moment...
> 1) Virtual On: Temjin
> 2) Turn A: Kapool
> 3) HGUC: Guntank

Don't know about temjin. Kapool is real simple, but needs painting... i
highly recommend Kapool as the first kit to learn painting on, the
necessary paintings are all on the inside and so it's easy to correct
mistake. Guntank doesn't "require" painting, kind of an instant
gradification deal. oh... I would recommend gluing the lower chassis of

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