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I've only seen three Gundam series(Wing, 0080 and 0083)but I have exhaustingly researched Gundam on and other sites, and, given the brand new revelations in Turn A, I have attempted to piece together a "New" Gundam timeline given the information I have. It's probably loaded with inconsistencises, but here goes

-Universal Century-
  Mankind first goes out into space. However, within 60 years, tensions erupt between Earth and Side 3, who is pioneering the Spacenoid movement. Eventually, the Duchy of Zeon is founded, and the first Mobile suits are developed on both sides. After the initial war is over, there is some 15 years of one-and-off conflict with Zeon remnants(Delaz,Axis Neo-Zeon), as well as strong anti-Zeon factions on Earth which have repressed the Space colonies(Titans). With the destruction of Axis, there is a time of peace. However, the Jupiter empire steps forward and begins it's machinations, and the threats of Cosmo Bablyonia and the Leaque Militare emerge. Earth's government becomes resoundingly weak, and there is a large growth in the use of chemical weapons(G-savior). Eventually, another unknown war erupts that devastates the colonies, and presumably a good amount of Earth. The Earth Federation adopts a more aristocratic standing, and the space colonies are rebuilt. Mobile suit knowledge for the most part becomes lost, however, data on a proposed Gundam with a new "Newtype Simulator" similar to EXAM called ZERO as well as a new type of MS called a Tallgeese is secretly kept by a group of space colonies.
-After Colony-
 200 years later, Heero Yuy attempts to advocate peace throughout the colonies but is assasinnated, causing a rebel faction to erupt in the colonies. The Tallgeese data is retreived, and the suit is finally built. From this suit, the other Specials and OZ Ms are derived. The scientists who worked on refining Tallgeese eventually join the rebels and build Wing Zero, but decided it is too dangerous and dismantle it. They start building the five Gundams for Operation Meteor. Later, the Eve Wars erupt, and all MS are banned, despite the X/1999 inciddent.
-F? Colony-
   However, people become tired of this peace and decide to judge things by doing the "Gundam Fight", which is a fairly peaceful tournament between Gundams for the right to rule the colonies. Nanomachine technology starts to come into use during this period. "Newtypes" start to emerge once again.
-After War-
  With the return of agression to humankind, once again war erupts in space. A massive colony drop is staged on Earth, wiping out almost all the colonies and devastating Earth. The remnants of mankind face off with new Gundams. Despite an end to the conflict, new, more devastating MS are developed, including the Turn A, which incorporates Nanomachine technology, and Turn X. Turn A ends up devastating most of Earth with it's nanomachines, while Turn X ends up somewhere else, beaten up by the Turn A.Someone encases the Turn A in a statue, and Mankind reverts to a semi-prehistoric state, with the only other humans left on the moon.
2000 years later
Mankind exists in a sort of amish/WWII type era, but the moon race and once again, MS start to reemerge.

Hope this makes sense!


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