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There is also a sequel to F91 you might want to check out called Crossbone
Gundam, it's pretty good and, although I have'nt seen F91, apparentally it
helps back up F91's story a little.
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> I was a bit bored this afternoon, so I rewatched the F91 movie. It's been
> quite a while since I've seen it. The first time I saw it I knew very
> little about the Gundam universe and how F91 fit into it.
> I'm sure most of the people on this list know about F91, but for anyone
> doesn't, after Char's Counterattack, F91 was conceived as a full length TV
> series which would carry on the Gundam saga. During development, the
> was changed from a TV series into a single feature film.
> Unfortunately, the end result was in many ways much like the MS Gundam
> compilation movies or The Last Blitz of Zeon. Altogether too much story
> crammed into too little time. Many things happen without any explanation
> take place offscreen and must be inferred. For instance, Seabrook steals
> the F91 to go back to his home colony, but we don't even get to see him do
> it or learn the reason he chose to did it. Many characters go through
> changes without the slightest reason. Those are the lucky ones, most
> characters only get to say their lines which are essential to moving the
> plot along as fast as possible.
> The plot itself involves a takeover attempt by the aristocratic Ronah
> family, whose ideals seem to be a cross between the philosophies of Zeon
> Daikun and GW's Romafeller Foundation. A fairly good synopsis is
> at the Gundam Project website and I won't try and duplicate it here.
> Despite the disadvantages of the format, there are some good points. The
> mecha design is very well done. I especially the like the Federation
> Gun (GM equivalent) and G Cannon (Guncannon %quivalent). Unfortunately,
> almost every time we see these, they don't last more than a few seconds
> before being destroyed. The transformable Guntank is kind of neat, and
> F91 itself brings some new ideas to Gundam design. I am less enthralled
> with the Crossbone Vanguard suits, though some of their features are
> neat (especially the beam shields).
> Despite the lack of development, I liked most of the characters. Those
> which we do get to see a lot seem very individual. The relationship
> Seabrook and his sister is very well done. It's refreshing to see a
> hero with a real family connection. Cecily could be an interesting
> character, but she goes through too many changes of loyalty without enough
> explanation. From what we see, the dynamics among the Crossbone Vanguard
> pilots are quite interesting, but there is very little explanation of
> rivalries or motivations. Annamarie's change of loyalty also doesn't seem
> to have any reason behind it. Finally, Karozo, a.k.a. Iron Mask, has the
> makings of an excellent Gundam nemesis, but he comes off as a cross
> an annoying whiner and a comic book supervillan.
> I can only lament that a story with so much potential was butchered by the
> choice of a theatrical relapse over a TV (or at least OVA) series.
> Unfortunately, I don't read Japanese, but the Gundam Project says there's
> two part novelization which is long enough to remedy many of these faults.
> I'd love to read a translated version, unfortunately, F91 is probably too
> obscure for a translation to reach U.S. shores any time soon.
> An interesting note: Many characters in F91 switch sides during the movie.
> The Ronah family believes the masses should be ruled over by a class of
> noblility, trained from birth to rule. The Ronah family also asks Cecily
> Fairchild to serve as a figurehead queen who will win the support of the
> masses. Do these plot points sound familiar? It seems to me that many
> aspects of F91 popped up later in Gundam Wing.
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