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>Trend? Blame Disney because that's where it all started. Snow White had
>songs, and by all accounts did quite well : ) So the next one they made had
>songs too...
>And they're still doing it. I understand the only reason Toy Story *didn't*
>was because Pixar put they're foot down and said no...

ummm...IIRC didn't Toy Story 2 have some song routines? however, their take on the evil enemy/father and the good son/good guy like Luke Skywalker-Darth Vader in Star Wars was done amusingly

>Well, the songs have made their films what they are for so long, that it's
>like Linus with his security blanket.

yeah, because mainly that's also what their target audience would like to have in a Disney film

>Oh. I forgot that South Park was a musical. Make that *two* musicals I have
>any time for.


Personally, I didn't see when this thread started (I must have missed it because I check e-mails only every 3 days or so, thus having a lot at one time - I got around 160+ messages once), but I saw from another e-mail with another thread in this ML that the guy in the spotlight disguised his anime-bashing as a review of Pokemon: The Movie. What he did showed how closed his mind was to other ideas, and people like that are really hard to deal with. I had the same experience with my parents which *only* liked the soundtrack of Macross Plus (hey, who wouldn't? Yoko Kanno did a great job - my favorite was the acapella version of Voices and the other was Wanna Be An Angel) , but they didn't like the animation itself or even the story, vehemently arguing that Disney films are much better. I have nothing against Disney films (I also appreciate them, but I haven't watched a new one lately - last I watched was Pocahontas, and it's because my younger sister has a copy of it), but th!
ey said that Disney films are much better, although they have no basis of comparison, as they have NEVER even seen Macross Plus, only on the cover of the soundtrack CD. There...just my 80 centavos (hehehehe, 2 cents at the conversion of 40 Pesos to $1).

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