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(F91 motion picture)
> (snip) ...Unfortunately, the end result was in many
> ways much like the MS Gundam compilation movies or
> The Last Blitz of Zeon. Altogether too much story
> crammed into too little time. Many things happen
> without any explanation or take place offscreen and
> must be inferred.

Nice review!

There is one difference, though: F91 feature a new
story (albeit a familiar one to long time UC fans),
whereas Last Blitz was an editing exercise from 0083
OVA. I agree that in order to appreciate F91, fans
should have some UC Gundam 'prerequisite', especially
0079 TV or movie trilogy.


> For instance, Seabrook steals the F91 to go back to
> his home colony, but we don't even get to see him do

> it or learn the reason he chose to did it.

The tradition of teenage pilots and their associated
traits and problems was fully featured in Z Gundam and
this tradition continues ever since, highlighted by V
Gundam. Call it a Tomino's touch or Gundam legacy,
bear with it! :)

> Despite the lack of development, I liked most of the
> characters. Those which we do get to see a lot seem
> very individual. The relationship between Seabrook
> and his sister is very well done. It's refreshing to
> see a Gundam hero with a real family connection.

I think so, too. For a 2-hr movie, this is quite an

> An interesting note: Many characters in F91 switch
> sides during the movie. The Ronah family believes
> the masses should be ruled over by a class of
> noblility, trained from birth to rule. The Ronah
> family also asks Cecily Fairchild to serve as a >
figurehead queen who will win the support of the
> masses. Do these plot points sound familiar? It
> seems to me that many aspects of F91 popped up later

> in Gundam Wing.

And these deflection fever began, once again, with Z
Gundam, which was honed to perfection in V Gundam and
later in Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz.


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