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Sat, 20 May 2000 17:37:31 +0100

>Regarding the idiot posting a anime slam cunningly disguised as a "review"
>of Pokemon: the Movie: That's exactly what he is. An idiot. People like
>him refuse to listen to any ideas that disagree with his preconceptions
>about Anime. This jerk won't listen to any of us, as he believes that he
>right, and no one else can be. His mind is closed... Unfortunately, this
>something we are always going to have to face...

It's like the people who dislike SF because it's all [insert cliche here].
Point out to them SF that doesn't fit the cliches and they reply that it
isn't SF...

>My Favorite MG? I've only built a few, but in terms of detail, I have to
>say the Zaku (even though it's a pain in the behind to build...)

Agreed [with the 2nd part, and maybe the first part too.] More than some of
the others the Zaku II MGs were a big step up from the earlier ones [IMO]
but then since the only Zaku II I'd bult was an old MSV of Johnny Ridden's
Zaku II [1/144]...

In some ways, I think, how impressed I've been with MGs has been affected by
whether I've already got an earlier kit. I think the fact I was so down on
the GP01 had a lot to do with the fact it was the first I'd built...

>And as for the MUSH, we're open, but a bit sparse on RP. Please get online

What do I need to do to sign up?

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