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Sat, 20 May 2000 17:30:55 +0100

>>Zeta Gundam:Gundam Mark II vs. Zeta Gundam
>Zeta Gundam is definately the more powerful and functional one, though Mk.
>II is a fan favorite.

The Mk II is *probably* my favourite Gundam ever [no gimmicks as such - it
doesn't do anything fancy (which is mainly why I like it : )] but the Zeta
is more powerful

>Well, ther is the ever more stupendous powerups in Sentinel Gundam. From a
>already ridiculous powerful Superior Gundam (A Gundam more powerful than ZZ
>in the same era?), to the clearly not advicable Ex-S Gundam?

You know what they say: nothing exceeds like Ex-S....

[I'll get me coat...]

Honto no watashi ga hirogaru

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