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> > Anyways, the assembly isn't that difficult. The chest panel (once
> > should be dealt with carefully considering the pegs might easily break.
> actually i've played with mine >20 times, still look sturdy, u just have
> to know how to work it (pull straight out, turn and then pull again)

I meant the pegs that was attached to the long rods that connect the panel to
the chest itself. The little "pegs" could easily break. I've had it happen
to the shoulderpads of Tallgeese III. I wanted to take out the shoulder hook
and replace it with another one, when the peg snapped off *with* the hook. I
trashed the Tallgeese kit after that because I was pissed.

> > immediately coated it with Plastiweld. The only problem I have with
> kit
> > is the fact that the neck is huge. The head is like... bobbing on it.
> Ah... Just push straight down on the head, real hard, until it click.
> For a few wks my EZ8's head was bobbing on the neck too, until i realize I
> didn't push the head down far enough.

Hmm... you're right. It looks normal now. Thanks a lot.

> > Painting the gun was kinda tedious, but doable. Well, I also can't get
> the
> > little hatch to open up for the pilot. Anyone have any advice on
> > the pilot? It's a little too small.
> Why bother? Look at the manual, even the pro's at Bandai couldn't do a
> decent job. 1/144 humans are just too small. Besides, why do they have
> to make him in such a stiff pose? I love Shiro (the pilot) and stuff, but
> I just can bother with this figure.

Shiro (I forgot the name -_-;;;), is just some weird thing I'll probably
stuff in the box. Anyways, what should I work on next... I have 3 kits
waiting for me at the moment...

1) Virtual On: Temjin
2) Turn A: Kapool
3) HGUC: Guntank

~Andy Lee

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