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> Anyways, the assembly isn't that difficult. The chest panel (once attached)
> should be dealt with carefully considering the pegs might easily break.

actually i've played with mine >20 times, still look sturdy, u just have
to know how to work it (pull straight out, turn and then pull again)

> Speaking of strength... I accidentally smacked the Ez8 off of my table,
> causing the tiny antennae to bend in half. I was freaked out of course, so I

A fate that happened to all too many Gundam models, either the antenna or
V-fin. Notice that unlike real life models, the V-fin never get damaged.
The Gundams have lost shields, guns, cannons, arms, legs, even the head a
few times, but it's always the whole head getting busted, never just a
bend on the V-fin. I wonder if there's a technological explanation of
this... It could also just be coincidence :)

> immediately coated it with Plastiweld. The only problem I have with this kit
> is the fact that the neck is huge. The head is like... bobbing on it. I

Ah... Just push straight down on the head, real hard, until it click.
For a few wks my EZ8's head was bobbing on the neck too, until i realize I
didn't push the head down far enough.

> think that's the same problem the Zaku kit has (I won't know until I get it).

Well unlike the EZ8, the long neck problem on 08MST Zaku is real, u can
tell from the manual scan (see review on my site). The remedy is a little
tricky, if you wanna try see my review also.

> Painting the gun was kinda tedious, but doable. Well, I also can't get the
> little hatch to open up for the pilot. Anyone have any advice on painting
> the pilot? It's a little too small.

Why bother? Look at the manual, even the pro's at Bandai couldn't do a
decent job. 1/144 humans are just too small. Besides, why do they have
to make him in such a stiff pose? I love Shiro (the pilot) and stuff, but
I just can bother with this figure.

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