Sat, 20 May 2000 21:46:30 EDT

Ok, so I finished my 08 MS Team Ez8 last night, and I must say... finally. I
never really had the time to build this thing as fast as I wanted too, but
it's done. It's the first kit I painted, and I believe I did it the hard way
by painting the individual parts by hand. I've had problems putting thick
layers on this baby, and starting over.

First of all there are four runners including the PC one. The colors seem to
match the "professional" one pretty well (considering it's an HG kit).
Anyways, the assembly isn't that difficult. The chest panel (once attached)
should be dealt with carefully considering the pegs might easily break.
Speaking of strength... I accidentally smacked the Ez8 off of my table,
causing the tiny antennae to bend in half. I was freaked out of course, so I
immediately coated it with Plastiweld. The only problem I have with this kit
is the fact that the neck is huge. The head is like... bobbing on it. I
think that's the same problem the Zaku kit has (I won't know until I get it).
 Painting the gun was kinda tedious, but doable. Well, I also can't get the
little hatch to open up for the pilot. Anyone have any advice on painting
the pilot? It's a little too small.

Gimmicks: Opening Chest Panel, Opening hatch for MS Pilot, Moveable impact
Hands: Four hands. 2 Fists, one hand for the gun, and one free hand.
Highs: Cool sturdy MS. I like...
Lows: Stupid weak antennae... stupid little pilot... stupid giraffe neck...
Grade: A-

Oiga, maybe next time I'll add something typical like humor into this bland
review. Anyways, please give me advice on shrinking that dang neck thing.
It's just too annoying.

~Andy Lee

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