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James Boren wrote:

> Ever since Zeta Gundam, it seems to be tradition to start a Gundam show with one Gundam, and introduce another halfway through the show, which the series will end with. The show's original Gundam ends up either being destroyed, given to another pilot, or ignored altogether. So, I'd thought I'd put this up: Which is better in each series, the first Gundam or their replacement?
> Gundam X:X vs. Double X

    I was SO pissed off with this! The original GX-9900 was a truly unique looking Gundam. I loved the back reflector panels and cannon. Then they changed it for a far more conservative back pack look. That and the fact that the set up was done so badly I was counting down the minutes until the hero got thrashed!!

    I think the design changes can work when they start off with a fairly traditional design and change it to something more interesting a la the GP-01 & Full Vernian out of 0083.

my input ;-)

Have fun

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