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"M. R. Hannibal" wrote:

> It has been a while...I know you miss they are:
> 1) Heero in the Sentinel Gundam vs. Scirocco in the Victory II Gundam

Hard to say. Does Heero get to use ALICE? If he does, I'd give the battle to
Heero. If not, Scirocco would be evenly matched.

> 2) Zechs in a Gelgoog Marine vs. South Burning in a Gundam Ground Type

Space or ground? If it's on the ground, I'd say a bit more to South, call it
60/40. In space, Zechs would have the advantage. Remember, the Gelgoog has
BETTER performace than any Gundam, except the NT-1 "Alex".

> 3) Noin in The Mobile Suit Gundam (yeah..the original..)vs. Ma Kube in a
> Rick Dom II

Noin, only because she's faster and leaner.

> 4) Treize in a Gyann vs. Dozul Zabi in a Kampfer

Treize. He'd love that HONKING big beam saber.

> 5) 25 GM Quells versus a single Imperial Star Destroyer

Star Destroyer, if the shields are up. If they're down, GM Quells, but with
many casulties.

> 6) Char in the Gundam Double X vs. Camille in the God Gundam

Hm, can Char get the Moon Base's energy feed? And does Camile get to use the
G-Gundam's Hypermotor like the bio-sensor? If Char does have the feed, he just
has to get range and....boom. Camile, if he gets in close, will take Char

> 7) Steiner in a Zaku II FZ vs. Monsha in a GM Custom

Monsha, because of experience.

> 8) EVERY MS in the Universal Century versus the original Death Star...with
> shields down and superlaser not charged...but TIE fighter squadrons launched

The MS would win by sheer numbers.

> Well..I have a few more...but work with these for a while.
> SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get some rest. In a jacket that ties up in the back.

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