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Actually,this is another "what-if" case in Giren's Greed.

The Plot goes like this :

Zero deflect to the Zeon's Side from the Fed/Titans,seeking a cure for
the Strengthen Human Process.
As a gesture,Zero give info about the Strengthen Human Process as well
as the plans for the Physco Gundam in order to seek Giren's favour.
But Giren,being the man he is,instead use the information to produce his
own breed of Strengthen Human.
So the Strengthen Human you see in Giren's Greed labeled
NT-001,NT-002,etc are the Zeon's breed of Strengthen Human.

That basically it,hope this clear things up.
BTW,even Giren's Greed does not shed light much on what the 2 Newtype
Research Centre does when you play as Jamitov's Titans.
The Strengthen Humans you got are Zero,Four and Rosamia and thats it.

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> > > Actually you can get them in Giren's Greed. However
> > > they have no personality, they are just depicted
> > > wearing a helmet with a closed visor, like those
> > > spare pilots you can rent in g-generation zero. I
> > > can't read their descriptions from the character
> > > list, but I suppose I could screen capture them and
> > > post them on MSA if someone can give us a
> > > translation?
> >
> >Do you mean PilotZero/Zero Murasume as well? He seems
> >to be promptly featured in Giren's Greed - Blood of
> >Zeon. Or is he just another number in the development
> >process?
> >
> >Nightingale.
> >
> Well, there's him, then there's this girl NT-001
> (http://www.boren.org/james/gg/girenextra.html)
> -then there are NT-002, NT-003, NT-004. I guess they weren't made at
> Murasame because NT-004 isn't the Four we know. Yeah, I wish I knew
> more about this plot development.
> -James
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