Chris Beilby (
Sat, 20 May 2000 20:47:50 GMT

>Just to clear up some confusion, I copied and posted the "(OT)Anti-anime
>article" topic, but it was written by some other guy at
>reviewing "Pokemon" but obviously deciding to take it out on the whole art
>form, which was wrong. I did'nt expect my topic to get some much attention!
>Personally I think Anime is great, particually Gundam and Tenchi Muyo(My
>infinite favorite, even though I don't like all the spin-offs). It manages
>to mix a great story with high animation quality(In my opinion) Plus, it's
>got all those cool merchandise!
>Chris, eagerly awaiting the four Gundam model kits he ordered.....

Chris, I know that you were crossposting this. I was saying that he was an
idiot for posting something so obviously biased online. I had read a lot of
your other posts, and you are most certainly NOT an idiot.
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