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At 17:47 05/20/2000 +0800, James II L Ravelo wrote:
>---however, the designers could learn a thing or two from Axis which made
the Neue Ziel.
>1. I think it has got to have *more* verniers...

        The GP03D is a heavy MA. All 453.1 tons of it.. Compared to a Neue
Ziel at 403.5t, the two MA shouldn't be able to change directions (via
verniers) quickly at all. They are just to heavy!

>2. make two I-field barrier generators, or at least, put them in a locaton
that won't be easily damaged

        I think this would make it very expensive. In fact, this is probably
the first thing to go in a limited production run..

> thing that bothered me was how come they didn't just outfit
the GP01 into the Fb variant when the Albion went to Australia to test Unit
1 and 2? aside from Bandai making more kits, was it due to time constraints?

        Not likely. I'm not up to scratch on the reasoning behind the FB (is
it on the plans, or a simple repatch of the bashed up GP01?), but:

        1. The GP01 was sent to Earth for testing, presumably for its
performance in gravity. The Fb stuff is going to be mostly dead weight on Earth.

        2. The old RX-78 did not have anything similar to the Fb AFAIK.
Since the GP01 seems to be a direct descendent, I think the Fb may have been
an idea in some wacky engineer's head... probably Nina Purpleton.


        Why didn't Delaz/ Gato simply swip GP01 too? I mean, Gato got in
without any problem; it's possible to smuggle another Zeon pilot in by a
similar method. Since they are in, why not simply swip GP01 too?

> could be...or just arm it with a huge beam bazooka with enough
power to dispatch its target and have remaining power to deal with other
units which would break through the GP01Fb escort

        My idea is something similar to this. One thing occured to me as I
was typing is that the GP02 might have went in a similar developmental path
as the Dom -- a fast MS packing a big beam weapon.

>LOL...yeah, but given the fact that having a slagged GP01 converted to a
GP01Fb costs much more than an intact GP01 converted to a GP01Fb - I think
that funneled more money from those allocated for the GP04 towards the
GP01's direction

        I have the distinct impression that the GP04 was cancelled BEFORE
GP01 even touched Terra. In fact, I had the impression that the GP03 project
was in danger of getting the ax too.

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