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--- James Boren <> wrote:

>> Do you mean PilotZero/Zero Murasume as well? He
>> seems to be promptly featured in Giren's Greed -
>> Blood of Zeon. Or is he just another number in the
>> development process?
> Well, there's him, then there's this girl NT-001
> (
> -then there are NT-002, NT-003, NT-004. I guess they
> weren't made at Murasame because NT-004 isn't the
> Four we know. Yeah, I wish I knew more about this
> plot development.
> -James

Thanks James, and a nice Giren's Greed page, too. :)

BTW, a MG conversion of RX-178-X0 "Prototype Gundam
mkII" (utilizing MG mkII, GP-01, GM Custom and GM
Quell) was featured in 06/00 issue of Hobby Japan
magazine (pg 80-82).


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