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>--- James Boren <jboren@earthlink.net> wrote:
> > Actually you can get them in Giren's Greed. However
> > they have no personality, they are just depicted
> > wearing a helmet with a closed visor, like those
> > spare pilots you can rent in g-generation zero. I
> > can't read their descriptions from the character
> > list, but I suppose I could screen capture them and
> > post them on MSA if someone can give us a
> > translation?
>Do you mean PilotZero/Zero Murasume as well? He seems
>to be promptly featured in Giren's Greed - Blood of
>Zeon. Or is he just another number in the development

Well, there's him, then there's this girl NT-001

-then there are NT-002, NT-003, NT-004. I guess they weren't made at
Murasame because NT-004 isn't the Four we know. Yeah, I wish I knew
more about this plot development.


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