James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sat, 20 May 2000 12:05:47 -0800

>Ever since Zeta Gundam, it seems to be tradition to start a Gundam
>show with one Gundam, and introduce another halfway through the
>show, which the series will end with. The show's original Gundam
>ends up either being destroyed, given to another pilot, or ignored
>altogether. So, I'd thought I'd put this up: Which is better in each
>series, the first Gundam or their replacement?
>Zeta Gundam:Gundam Mark II vs. Zeta Gundam
>Gundam 0083:Gundam GP01 vs. Full Vernian vs. Gundam GP03
>Victory Gundam:Victory I vs. Victory II
>G Gundam: Shining vs. god
>Gundam Wing: Wing vs. Wing Zero
>Gundam Wing:Deathscythe vs. Deathscythe Hell
>Gundam Wing:Shenlong vs. Altron
>Gundam X:X vs. Double X
>I might have missed a few....anyway, which is better in your opinion?

Trust Tomino to break the trend with the no-replacement Turn-A.

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