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> > For example, how will the GP03D go up against the Doros class
>given the fact that it has 2 large beam sabers and countless weaponry, I
>think it can go head to head with a Doros class ship
>1. they could arm all of the weapons canisteres of a production model
>GP03D with the 108 micromissile canisters, making it an anti-MS platform.
>2. instead of the 108 micromissile canisters they could use the 3 large
>missile packs for anti-capital ships

Thanks to the weapon canister configuration, the GP03D is a very flexible
platform. Different loadouts could be used to customize it for different
missions, much like the U.S. Navy's VLS equipped ships.

>---however, the designers could learn a thing or two from Axis which made
>the Neue Ziel.
>1. I think it has got to have *more* verniers...the GP03D is good in
>straight line acceleration but it isn't as nimble as the Neue Ziel, which
>is one point against the GP03D. IMO if the GP03D had more verniers in the
>second battle, even if it lost its I-field barrier generator, it still
>would have creamed the Neue Ziel
>2. make two I-field barrier generators, or at least, put them in a locaton
>that won't be easily damaged

On the vernier issue, I don't think it necessarily needs more, it just needs
better tactics. Since the GP03D can out accelerate anything else on the
battlefield, rather than remaining engaged it ought to use hit and run
tactics. Begin an attack run a good distance away from the battle,
accelerate up to a high speed, blitz through the battle area applying it's
firepower along the way, decelerate to a stop a good distance from the
battle and turn around for another run.

> > I think one of the more popular theory going around is that the
> >is an escort of the "bomber" GP02. It does seems logical, especially
> >the FB variant. Furthermore, the escort/point-man abilities of the
> >RX-78 series has already been proven. The GP01 seems like a evoluation of
> >this idea.
> thing that bothered me was how come they didn't just outfit
>the GP01 into the Fb variant when the Albion went to Australia to test Unit
>1 and 2? aside from Bandai making more kits, was it due to time

One possibility is that Aneheim wanted to produce two different variants of
the GP01, a straight GP01 model for ground combat and a GP01fb for space

> > A GP02 is a massive one-shot bomber, but I never liked the idea
>of a
> >one-shot weapon, especially with UC's emphasize against nuclear weapons.
> >could have led to a B variant, armed with ship-busting bazookas and
> >though, so it's possible a GP02B may have eventually reached production.
> could be...or just arm it with a huge beam bazooka with enough
>power to dispatch its target and have remaining power to deal with other
>units which would break through the GP01Fb escort

I think the GP02 is pretty firmly devoted to nuclear warfare. If you were
producing a conventionaly armed anti-ship weapon, why all the heavy armor?
A beam cannon will still go through it like a hot knife through butter. The
only real reason for the heavy armor is to protect against the blast effect
of a nuclear detonation. For a conventionally armed anti-ship variant,
you'd want to strip off most of the armor to give it better speed and

> > As discussed earlier, a GP03 is not likely to be mass-produced.
> >However, the proposed GP04 might have been mass-produced as a long range
> >interceptor. I think AE might have ran out of money to carry on with
>GP04.. =)
>LOL...yeah, but given the fact that having a slagged GP01 converted to a
>GP01Fb costs much more than an intact GP01 converted to a GP01Fb - I think
>that funneled more money from those allocated for the GP04 towards the
>GP01's direction

One interesting possibility is that the first GP01 was never intended to be
converted to a GP01fb. Repairing it must have taken a lot of parts, parts I
wouldn't think Aneheim would just have on hand. Maybe a dedicated GP01fb
prototype was under construction and they just scrapped that and used the
parts to repair Unit 1.

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