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Which is better in each series, the first
>Gundam or their replacement? Zeta Gundam:Gundam Mark II vs. Zeta
>Gundam Gundam 0083:Gundam GP01 vs. Full Vernian vs. Gundam GP03 Victory
>Gundam:Victory I vs. Victory II G Gundam: Shining vs. god Gundam Wing: Wing
>vs. Wing Zero Gundam Wing:Deathscythe vs. Deathscythe Hell Gundam
>Wing:Shenlong vs. Altron Gundam X:X vs. Double X I might have missed a
>few....anyway, which is better in your opinion?

I generally prefer the original, with the exception of the Wing designs.
The originals tend to look a littler more functional. Here are a couple
others, including some from other Sunrise series:

Re-GZ/Nu Gundam (more implied than anything else)


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