M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Sat, 20 May 2000 17:15:19 GMT

It has been a while...I know you miss them.....here they are:

  1) Heero in the Sentinel Gundam vs. Scirocco in the Victory II Gundam

  2) Zechs in a Gelgoog Marine vs. South Burning in a Gundam Ground Type

  3) Noin in The Mobile Suit Gundam (yeah..the original..)vs. Ma Kube in a
Rick Dom II

  4) Treize in a Gyann vs. Dozul Zabi in a Kampfer

  5) 25 GM Quells versus a single Imperial Star Destroyer

  6) Char in the Gundam Double X vs. Camille in the God Gundam

  7) Steiner in a Zaku II FZ vs. Monsha in a GM Custom

  8) EVERY MS in the Universal Century versus the original Death Star...with
shields down and superlaser not charged...but TIE fighter squadrons launched

Well..I have a few more...but work with these for a while.

SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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