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> Impressions? Thoughts?

Well, before we have three MSiAs (Gundam, Zaku, and
Char's Zaku) repackaged as 'Tetsu toys' with better
painting, unique decals, and a lavish packaging, and
the price is twice the regular MSiAs; These deluxe
Gundam Wing action figures could probably belongs to
MSiAs, but with more gimmicks and higher degree of
articulation. Remember the upcoming MSiA release of
Zeta Gundam (w/ Hyper Mega Launcher) will cost
1200yen, more expensive then previous MSiAs.

Which lead me to another question: I wonder how much
the limited edition "Char's Gundam" MSiA will cost?
This release, as Tet or someone mentioned before, is
supposedly for price-draw only in Japan, but it showed
up along with other MSiA on Tokyo Toy Show, so there's
a chance for commercial release I hope...


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