Sat, 20 May 2000 11:31:53 -0400 (EDT)

Kev K wrote:
> to get? I'm new to airbrushing and have no clue from where to start. Too
> many techy jargons like dual action, internal mix and etc... And also any
> recommendations on the air compressors too? I would prefer a silent one,
> since I live in an apartment I don't think it would be nice to wake up my
> neighbours in the middle of the night . ^_^ So please, would anyone please
> help me? Thanks a bunch.

Well I have tried only one airbrush in my life and I am not even very good
at that. But I did write up my experience, you can see it in the model
building article in my site. Hmmm, seems I forgot to explain internal vs.
external mix, I will add that and upload it ASAP. (Ben, we can use that
new account just about now wink wink...)

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