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Subject: [gundam] Gundams vs. Replacement Gundams

>Ever since Zeta Gundam, it seems to be tradition to start a Gundam
>show with one Gundam, and introduce another halfway through the
>show, which the series will end with. The show's original Gundam
>ends up either being destroyed, given to another pilot, or ignored
>altogether. So, I'd thought I'd put this up: Which is better in
>each series, the first Gundam or their replacement?

The whole point of the upgrade is to sell more model. But in terms of show
logic, it is to get better MS for your war effort.

>Zeta Gundam:Gundam Mark II vs. Zeta Gundam

Zeta Gundam is definately the more powerful and functional one, though Mk.
II is a fan favorite.

ZZ Gundam: Zeta Gundam -> ZZ Gundam

Pretty much everything in ZZ Gundam is a bit too overpowered (not as much as
Sentinel), but ZZ Gundam is much more powerful than Zeta.

>Gundam 0083:Gundam GP01 vs. Full Vernian vs. Gundam GP03

GP01-Fb is just a functional change and upgrade from GP01. But GP03 is a
continuity buster that had to be swep under the rug. If AE can build GP03
in 0083, they can certaintly build much much better at the beganning of Zeta
than just Rick Dias.

>Victory Gundam:Victory I vs. Victory II

Considered that Victory Gundam is a mass produced MS, and V2 is a one of a
kind MS, you get the picture. V2 is also the fastest Gundam in all of
Gundam continium, supporting that wing of light.

>G Gundam: Shining vs. God

mode look much more prettier than Shinning Finger. But I still have a weak
spot for Master Gundam.

>Gundam Wing: Wing vs. Wing Zero

Not much of a comparison. Zero is more powerful, has much more destructive
weapon, and the wicked ZERO system to go with it.

>Gundam Wing:Deathscythe vs. Deathscythe Hell

DH is much more cooler.

>Gundam Wing:Shenlong vs. Altron

1 dragon or 2 dragon plus beam cannons?

>Gundam X:X vs. Double X

Ridiculous overpowerful cannon or Super Ridiculous overpowerful cannon?

>I might have missed a few....anyway, which is better in your opinion?

Well, ther is the ever more stupendous powerups in Sentinel Gundam. From a
already ridiculous powerful Superior Gundam (A Gundam more powerful than ZZ
in the same era?), to the clearly not advicable Ex-S Gundam?

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