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Do you know if the dubbing is done by ZRO limit productions/Animaze(Who dub
the Gundam tapes released by Bandai with the exception of Wing?)
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> Well, I received this game today and I love it. I got a free copy of
> episodes 1 and 2 dubbed as well, haven't have a chance to watch it and see
> how it compares to the subbed version.
> Now, onto the review:
> It seems to do a very of making you feel like an MS pilot. This game is
> more of a MS combat simulator, then pure action. It has plenty of action,
> though. I just played a bit of the first mission, haven't had time today
> get deep into the game.
> The dubbing is excellent, as well as the control. The control isn't very
> hard to use at, at least for me. The lock button defeats much of the need
> look around, as it auto aligns your view to forward and center and allow
> view to follow the enemy.
> Zaku's are a bit more powerful then your beginning GM, but this is
> as I read somewhere that Zaku II's are more powerful then the standard
> GMs. The beginning GM is one of those red and white GMs from 0079, painted
> White Dingo's colors.
> You can dash left and right, as well as forward with the shield auto
> protecting the front of the GMs body, you can also make short boosted
> There's also a guard button to guard yourself with the shield.
> For a first gen. Dreamcast game, it is well done. Would have liked a 3rd
> person view as an option. The game is played like the cockpit 1st person
> in the Mech Warrior and Heavy gear games. The manual is all in color,
> page is in color! With a GW and 0079/80/83 ad in the page beside the
> of the back cover.
> I refuse to nit pick the game. I will only say they use too much fog and
> the mission areas need to be bigger. The fog isn't too bad, though. If you
> are a fan of Gundam, you will like it. If you don't, either something's
> with you or you are not into Gundam that seriously. Don't mean to be
> rude/harsh but this is the truth.
> Now for a question/wish list :) For any one that's seen the whole intro,
> what is the flight sled that the normal, blue Gouf (non flight type) uses?
> looks VERY similar to the flight sleds the Robotech Master's mecha use.
> sled should have come with the HG UC Gouf, as its very cool. They could
> a sled for the MSiA Gouf and it could be released as part of an MSiA
> pack, as the upcoming MSiA GM could use one of those bazookas and the
> 08th MS Team style shield. I want White Dingo color scheme MSiA's of the
> in this game.
> Aaron
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