Chris Beilby (
Sat, 20 May 2000 11:48:39 GMT

Well, after yet another cross country move, and now spending only a little
time online, via my girlfriend's computer, I've decided to make my return...

Regarding the idiot posting a anime slam cunningly disguised as a "review"
of Pokemon: the Movie: That's exactly what he is. An idiot. People like
him refuse to listen to any ideas that disagree with his preconceptions
about Anime. This jerk won't listen to any of us, as he believes that he is
right, and no one else can be. His mind is closed... Unfortunately, this is
something we are always going to have to face...

My Favorite MG? I've only built a few, but in terms of detail, I have to
say the Zaku (even though it's a pain in the behind to build...)

My favorite Gundam Pilot? Sorry to all the Wing fans, but it's still Amuro

And as for the MUSH, we're open, but a bit sparse on RP. Please get online
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