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At 18:47 05/19/2000 -0400, Chris Maier wrote:

        I assume you are talking about the 0080 1/144 RGM-79G Command kit. I
thought these are hard to get?

>1)Should I ink in the sculpted lines? I've done that to my Wing models and
they look much better as a result, however, in some of the other models I
have it seems to be considerably harder, and some kits look fine without the
lines being detailed.

        That's up to you, but it will look better with the panel lines inked.

>2)Construction wise, is it that different from the following kit's I've

        It's very easy to put together. It's snap-together, with about 50
parts, and a joy to build. It's also quite sturdy, surprising in this age of
brittle plamod..

>3)Is the Space type(GS) kit basically the same mold?

        Similar, but not quite. the GS has 51 parts, a different gun, a
different backpack, and a different colour. But if you paint them the same,
I won't be able to tell the differences aside from the gun and backpacks.

>4)Do you have to be delicate with the translucent visor? When I assemble
Gundam kits, I've found the head the hardest part, since it's often the
smallest part.

        The visor is neat -- you no longer see these with newer Gundam kits.
It's quite a solid block, so breakage isn't likely. It's quite simple to put
together, so it should be all right.

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