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At 12:57 05/19/2000 -0700, Mark Simmons wrote:
> Hm. Unlike the original RX prototypes, the GP series seem to be more like
>exotic experiments than production prototypes - I mean, what are the chances
>than anybody seriously planned to mass-produce the GP03?

        I agree that the GP03 is unlikely to be mass-produced, but what
about limited production? As a strategic defence platform, the GP03 is
likely to be too expensive to have more than a handful of these.

        As a ship-buster? The GP03D is good enough to get through a
defensive screen of MSes, and then blow big holes in the carrier. I think
development after the OYW is such that captial ships are steadily becoming
obsolete. Carriers with large screens of MSes are starting to come into
their own. IMO, GP03D will cut through these ships pretty rapidly.

        For example, how will the GP03D go up against the Doros class ships?

>I guess you could consider them to be investigations into new roles for mobile
>suits, but while the GP02 and GP03 could be thus justified, the only thing the
>GP01 demonstrates is that, duh, when you give a mobile suit really outrageous
>specs it tends to kick ass.

        I think one of the more popular theory going around is that the GP01
is an escort of the "bomber" GP02. It does seems logical, especially given
the FB variant. Furthermore, the escort/point-man abilities of the original
RX-78 series has already been proven. The GP01 seems like a evoluation of
this idea.

        A GP02 is a massive one-shot bomber, but I never liked the idea of a
one-shot weapon, especially with UC's emphasize against nuclear weapons. It
could have led to a B variant, armed with ship-busting bazookas and missiles
though, so it's possible a GP02B may have eventually reached production.

        As discussed earlier, a GP03 is not likely to be mass-produced.
However, the proposed GP04 might have been mass-produced as a long range
interceptor. I think AE might have ran out of money to carry on with GP04.. =)

        One interesting thought. The carrier philosphy of UC fleets may have
evolve to the same as that of current US carriers if the GP series of
Gundams have been mass-produced. GP04s in the same role as F14s, GP01s as
F/A-18s, and GP02s as Corsairs. This will also means that carriers in the UC
era might grow as large or larger than the White Base ships, as they became
during CCA.

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