Sat, 20 May 2000 00:01:52 EDT

  Well, I received this game today and I love it. I got a free copy of 0083
episodes 1 and 2 dubbed as well, haven't have a chance to watch it and see
how it compares to the subbed version.

  Now, onto the review:

  It seems to do a very of making you feel like an MS pilot. This game is
more of a MS combat simulator, then pure action. It has plenty of action,
though. I just played a bit of the first mission, haven't had time today to
get deep into the game.

  The dubbing is excellent, as well as the control. The control isn't very
hard to use at, at least for me. The lock button defeats much of the need to
look around, as it auto aligns your view to forward and center and allow your
view to follow the enemy.

  Zaku's are a bit more powerful then your beginning GM, but this is right,
as I read somewhere that Zaku II's are more powerful then the standard 0079
GMs. The beginning GM is one of those red and white GMs from 0079, painted in
White Dingo's colors.

  You can dash left and right, as well as forward with the shield auto
protecting the front of the GMs body, you can also make short boosted jumps.
There's also a guard button to guard yourself with the shield.

  For a first gen. Dreamcast game, it is well done. Would have liked a 3rd
person view as an option. The game is played like the cockpit 1st person view
in the Mech Warrior and Heavy gear games. The manual is all in color, every
page is in color! With a GW and 0079/80/83 ad in the page beside the inside
of the back cover.

  I refuse to nit pick the game. I will only say they use too much fog and
the mission areas need to be bigger. The fog isn't too bad, though. If you
are a fan of Gundam, you will like it. If you don't, either something's wrong
with you or you are not into Gundam that seriously. Don't mean to be
rude/harsh but this is the truth.

  Now for a question/wish list :) For any one that's seen the whole intro,
what is the flight sled that the normal, blue Gouf (non flight type) uses? It
looks VERY similar to the flight sleds the Robotech Master's mecha use. This
sled should have come with the HG UC Gouf, as its very cool. They could make
a sled for the MSiA Gouf and it could be released as part of an MSiA weapon
pack, as the upcoming MSiA GM could use one of those bazookas and the small
08th MS Team style shield. I want White Dingo color scheme MSiA's of the GMs
in this game.


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