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Chris Upchurch writes,

> First, one of the purposes of this was to explain the pedigree of the Dom
> Fuenf, but you didn't even mention it. You covered the Dom, Dom Troppen,
> Rick Dom and Rick Dom II but no Dom Fuenf.

  Oh yeah. :-)

  Alright, let's consider the Dom Fuenf. The only (potential) example of
this we see is in the hangar deck of Delaz's ship, the Gwaden.

  Now, as an officer of the Space Attack Force* who was apparently not at
the Battle of Solomon**, logically Delaz must have been stationed at A Bao A
Qu. And since the A Bao A Qu factory didn't produce the Rick Dom II, its
staff might have made its own separate attempt to upgrade the Rick Dom. If
they decided not to put this new model into production, it wouldn't be too
implausible for them to give the rare prototype to a high-ranking officer as
a favor. (Compare with Ma Kube, a Mobile Assault Force officer of identical
rank, who gets the prototype Gyan after its development is canceled.)

  Thus, I'd speculate that the Dom Fuenf was developed at A Bao A Qu while
the Rick Dom II was developed at Granada, as an alternative upgrade to the
Rick Dom. In other words, yes they are redundant, but that's what you get
when each factory is pursuing its own product strategy and they're operated
by increasingly hostile rivals. Kishiria liked her Rick Dom II enough to
pass on the first-generation Gelgoog, while the Space Attack Force decided
against mass-producing the Dom Fuenf and started cranking out Gelgoogs

  * Yes, Delaz is assigned to the Space Attack Force, as per the 0083
novelization, not to Giren's Home Defense Corps.

  ** I'm assuming Delaz wasn't at the Battle of Solomon; for one thing, only
one Gwazin-class ship made it out of there, and it appears to have ended up
at Granada rather than A Bao A Qu.

What of the Dom Tropen, then, if the Dom Fuenf was canceled? This could be
yet another parallel development thing. The Dom Tropical Test Type, and the
mass-produced D type Dom that succeeded it, were produced at the California
Base. According to the MSV writeups on the D type Dom, the California Base
had only just begun shipping these to Africa when it was recaptured by the
Federation. With their mobile suit supplies cut off, the remaining Zeon
forces in Africa and Australia would have had to turn to other sources of

  Tracing the supply of Dom Tropens all the way back to A Bao A Qu is a bit
of a stretch, but then again, Cima's Gelgoog Marines were made at A Bao A
Qu, and we see these on Earth in the cut scene animation from Giren's Greed.

  Meanwhile, the new game Rise From the Ashes indicates that a lot of secret
projects and spare hardware evacuated from the California Base ended up in
Australia. See next item....

> Second, where do you think Zeon experimental suits like the Xamel and
> Kampfer were produced? Based on 0080 I'd think the Kampfer was built at
> Granada but what about the Xamel. Any thoughts on where the Zeon Mobile
> Armors were built?

  The Xamel was made at California Base - says so right in the specs. It's
possible that it may have been among the goodies smuggled from California to
Australia at the end of the war.

  Most of the other Zeon mobile armors were created at either Granada or the
California Base. According to the MSV books, the Bigro was developed at
California Base, the Grabro at the submarine docks in San Diego, the Braubro
at Granada. The Big Zam and Zeong were both constructed at A Bao A Qu.

-- Mark

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