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><< Let me just step in and clarify something once and for all. Like Brett
>and Tom
> said, although the name is written as Char Aznable in english, the correct
> pronounciation is 'Sha-a' like the 'Char' in Charlotte and NOT 'Char' as in
> Char grilled. This has nothing to do with translation or Japanese not being
> to pronounce it or whatever. Yes, it can be read in two different ways but
> one on them is his name and that is Char pronounced as if spelt Shar. If you
> have been pronouncing it the other way, it's perfectly understandable and
> can continue to do so if you prefer but let it be known that it's incorrect.
> >>
>Shar doesn't bother me. But Sha does.

I could buy into "Shah" -- the Persian word for king, which entered the
English language in 1566. It has the advantage of being a real word and,
given characters named Jinba Lal, Ranba Lal, Maharajah Khan and Lalar Sune,
would seem to fit in quite nicely.


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