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>>Hmmm, let's see...
>>Appleseed had Landmates.
>>BattleTech has Battle Mechs.
>>Blassty had Cruise Chasers.
>>Brain Powerd had Antibodies.
>>Bubblegum Crisis had Hardsuits.
>>Cowboy Bebop had MONO Pods.
>>Dancougar had Beast Machines.
>>Dorvack had Powered Armor Machines.
>>Dougram had Combat (CB) Armors.
>>Dragonar had Metal Armors.
>>Dunbine had Aura Battlers.
>>Escaflowne had Guymelfs.
>>Evangelions had EVA and Angels.
>>Fivar Stories had Mortar Headds.
>>G-Gundam had Mobile Fighters.
>>Gaia Gear had Man Machines.
>>Galient had Panzer Knights.
>>Gall Force had the Bronze.
>>Gasaraki had Tactical Armors.
>>Go Lion had Robo Lions.
>>Gunbuster had Power Armor.
>>Gundam had Mobile Armor in addition to MS.
>>Gundam Wing had Mobile DOLLs in addition to MS/MA.
>>L.Gaim had Heavy Metals.
>>Layzner had Super Powered Tracers.
>>Macross had Veritechs and Destroids.
>>Mospeada had Ride Armor (bikes) and Legioss (Armored Fighter/Diver/Soldier).
>>Orguss had Veritechs (Macross Battloid/GERWALK/Fighter plus a Sonic Tank
>>Patlabor had Labors.
>>Power Dolls had Power Loaders (after Aliens).
>>Starship Troopers had Powered Armor.
>>Southern Cross had Veritechs (Battloid/GERWALK and either Fighter or Tank).
>>Tekkaman had Space Knights.
>>Vifam had Sling Panniers.
>>Votoms had Armored Troopers.
>>Xabungle had Walker Machines.
>>So, what did I miss? I'm sure I didn't get all of them.
>>Gotta get 'em all...!
>I don't know if this counts on the list but there's the Ma.K (Machine
>Krieger) formerly known as SF3D, line of models. The terms used are
>AFS (armored fighting suit) and PKA (AFS in german <Panzer Kriege
>Anzug>) used by the different sides.
>The latest issue of Model Graphix just ran a big feature on Ma.K.
>Gears are used in Xenogears (video game) and Heavy Gear
>Cores in Armored Core
>There's got to be more! Let's do this one to Death!!! Ha ha ha!!!
>(I like this thread)

OK, I just remembered a few more.

EXO Squad had EXO Frames.
Jovian Chronicles has Exo-Armors (XO).
Nadesico had Battle Frames (Aestevalis).

(You can see why I remembered all of these at the same time.)


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