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<< I was just listening to "The Earth Circle" from the Gundam 0083 soundtrack and as I listened to the end, I noticed something weird....the music towards the end is almost directly like a direct copy of the music from 2010:The Year We Make Contact(Specifically, towards the end, when Jupiter explodes). Did anybody notice this? >>

Gundam 0083 is full of out and out ripoffs of American movie soundtracks, particularly James Horner.

Unlike the one track in F-91 that is obiviously "inspired by" the Imperial March of Empire Strikes Back. the stuff in 0083 doesn't even bother to differentiate itself from the material it was obivously copied from. I used to have a list which showed all the tracks that were taken from american films, but here are a view off the top of my head.

SOLAR SYSTEM II (the theme just before Delaz gets shot in the head) - watch THE THING, the part where they find the huge crater. by Ennio Morricone

ASSAULT WAVES - this is from the climax in Brainstorm, by James Horner

THE NAVAL REVIEW - this is from Glory, by James Horner.

(the theme where Gato leaves the Albion and his forces attack Torrington Base) - this is the music during Louise Fletcher's death in Brainstorm. (James Horner)

(the music where Kou prepares to fight Gato at the end of episode one) - this is by Jay Chattaway for either Delta Force or Missing in Action, I can't remember.

there are other parts using music from 2010 (like when they approach the Discovery), but its been a while since I've watched 0083. I'll have to check it out to refresh my memory.

On behalf of the, composer, Mitsuo Hagita, I must commend him on a job well done. The music works very well in 0083 and since I usually connect the visuals to music as I recall them in my head, I'm not sure I would have it any other way.

I remember seeing the 0083 movie and remarking at how crappy the music editing was. In most of the scenes, the music selection was just awful, but that was probably because I was so used to seeing it as it was in the original episodes.


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