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><< Funny part about Gundam: good and evil are arbitrary to a certain
> That's why I like it. It all depends on teh conduct or morality of the
> sad to say, is a bit too much like the real world. Maybe that's why
> can be a bit to unbearable at times. >>
> This is very true, but their are lots of times when its somewhat easy to
>tell good from bad, even if one's only a lesser evil. While good and evil
>blurred in Gundam, it seems to involve more side switching then actual
>blurring. Blurring does occur though, just not as much as a lot of folks

There's a lot of side switching in Wing. There doesn't seem to be much at
all in the other Gundam series I've seen. However, there does seem to be a
lot of "the lesser of two evils" type of stuff.


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