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><< Part of the problem is they already did something along this line in GW
> I didn't particularly like it. >>
>I love GW, but it as not, how can I say it, it has some rough edges. See,
>when Gundam is changed, like in GW, a lot of people dislike it, but a lot
>like it. If anything varies from the same old reused UC themes, its seems
>lots of Gundam "fans" get po'ed because it doesn't fit into the "UC mold".

My opinion on Gundam Wing isn't really based on weather it fits the "UC
mold". Indeed, there's a 50% chance that Wing was the first Gundam show I
saw (the anime club I went to screened the 1st ep of Wing and 0083 one after
another, I don't remember which was first).

>An altertnate take on Gundam can/should be made just as well or better,
>a good UC show.

As I've said before, weather you view the alternate universe shows as a
laudable attempt to bring new thought to the Gundam Universe or a crass
commercial attempt to exploit the Gundam name recognition depends on weather
or not you like any of the alternate universe shows. The only one I've seen
is Gundam Wing and I didn't particularly like it. However, I still have a
relatively open mind when it comes to G, X and Turn A (for all practical
purposes, Turn A is an alternate universe show). If I dismiss them after
seeing them, it will be because I dislike them on their own merits, not
because they're not "pure Gundam."


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