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> Meanwhile, the Dom was adapted for space use, yielding the Rick Dom,
>was further upgraded into the Rick Dom II. The Rick Dom can be considered
>the inspiration for Anaheim's Rick Dias and Neo Zeon's Dreissen.

IMHO, the Rick Dias probably also draws from the Gerbera Tetra (though this
is a bit if retroactive continutiy, given that Z predated 0083).

> One potential missing link is the MS-09F Dom Fuenf, theoretically the
>non-tropical model on which the Dom Tropen is based. This is presumably the
>type seen in 0083's flashback prologue, where Gato tries to steal Delaz's
>Tropen-looking personal mobile suit. If so, the Fuenf would be an
>all-environment model that works both in space and on Earth - a further
>complication in the tangled Dom family.
> I have a hunch as to how the Dom Fuenf might relate to the Rick Dom II,
>but it's part of my complex uber-theory about which Zeon mobile suits were
>produced where, and that's really a subject for another message...

Don't keep us in suspense! Lay it out!

>-- Mark

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