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<< t's because Disney caters to the family, and they do everything basically
 as a musical. Gotta keep the kiddies entertained and in their seats. Hence
 the "G" ratings from movie to movie (for the most part -- did Tarzan get a
 PG? I don't remember.)
Excatly, Disney should try other areas. Try a more mature movie or two,
without going to far.

Disney is great at kids movies, but isn't it better marketing sense to try to
make a few movies for older people as well(to increase income), like 14-25,
something like that. More action, more deeper plots, violence, but not
graphic violence, Hercules TV show style fights(the live action, non Disney
one). Aladdin could have been a good deep story with some nice sword work.
Violence can be done without using much blood or far out stuff. I have not
read Arabin Knights(0r is it Nights?), but it has sword fighting doesn't it?
See Disney has a habit of taking liberties with a stories original content.
Books are more mature then a Disney film, even the ones aimed at young teens.
I remember reading books at about 14-15 that have sword fighting and
describes in slight detail a wound, and it did not make me blood thristy or
turn me psycho :)


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