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Chris Maier writes,

> I'm curious about the variations of this suit and how they came
> about, since their appears to be a lot of Dom-style suits in Z and ZZ. I think
> it goes something like this:
> Dom-Rick Dom-Rick Dom II-Rick Dias-Dressien
> Dom-Desert Dom-Dowadge
> Dom-Dom Tropen-Xamel
> Dom-Gog(The Gog, to me, kind of looks like an ocean-going version of the Dom)

  Pretty close. Even though the Gog is based on data from the Zaku Marine
Type, rather than the Dom, it was built by the same company that created the
Dom (namely Zimmad). :-) Otherwise, the lineage is similar to your outline,
but a bit branchier...

  The ancestor of all Doms is the YMS-09 Prototype Dom. After they were done
testing it, and the standard Dom was entering production, Zeon engineers
kitbashed one of the prototypes into the Tropical Test Type - designed for
use in deserts and jungles, with extra cooling systems and a communications
antenna. This Tropical Test Type is the ancestor of both the Dowadge and Dom
Tropen, though the relationship between the latter two is a bit unclear.

  Meanwhile, the Dom was adapted for space use, yielding the Rick Dom, which
was further upgraded into the Rick Dom II. The Rick Dom can be considered
the inspiration for Anaheim's Rick Dias and Neo Zeon's Dreissen.

  One potential missing link is the MS-09F Dom Fuenf, theoretically the
non-tropical model on which the Dom Tropen is based. This is presumably the
type seen in 0083's flashback prologue, where Gato tries to steal Delaz's
Tropen-looking personal mobile suit. If so, the Fuenf would be an
all-environment model that works both in space and on Earth - a further
complication in the tangled Dom family.

  I have a hunch as to how the Dom Fuenf might relate to the Rick Dom II,
but it's part of my complex uber-theory about which Zeon mobile suits were
produced where, and that's really a subject for another message...

-- Mark

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