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Fri, 19 May 2000 12:59:29 MST

>I've been wondering-since the "GP" series were meant to be prototypes, were
>they meant to be mass-produced into GMs? I figure that the GP01 would make
>a pretty normal GM-it seems mostly like a minor upgrade of the first one,
>really, and FB does'nt count because i don't think UN would be able to
>mass-produce the Vernier engines. As for GP02, that would be
>interesting....I would think, since probably M-82s are'nt cheap, that it
>would end being something like a GM version of the Dom-sort of a heavy
>armor GM with big calves and one huge bazooka. As for GP03, I don't think
>it would be practical to mass-produce something so massive and probably
>expensive. However I can see maybe the binders being adapted in later GMs,
>perhaps for use with smaller attachments(Like a G-defensor or something)

We do see binder technology in later Aneheim built MS. Notably the Rick Dias
and Type 100.

>Of course this is all wishful thinking, since the GP series was pretty much
>erased by the Titans...BTW, was'nt Delaz's broadcast shown at Von Braun,
>with the GP02 very plainly on the background? I wonder how the Titans
>covered that up?

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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