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Chris Maier writes,

> I've been wondering-since the "GP" series were meant to be prototypes, were
> they meant to be mass-produced into GMs?

  Hm. Unlike the original RX prototypes, the GP series seem to be more like
exotic experiments than production prototypes - I mean, what are the chances
than anybody seriously planned to mass-produce the GP03? I guess you could
consider them to be investigations into new roles for mobile suits, but
while the GP02 and GP03 could be thus justified, the only thing the GP01
demonstrates is that, duh, when you give a mobile suit really outrageous
specs it tends to kick ass.

  Officially, the reason for the Gundam Development Project is to plan out
the next generation of mass-produced mobile suit (the Japanese books tend to
use the term "main force mobile suit," akin to "main battle tank"). The
nimble, high-performance GP01 could be seen as an early attempt to meet the
same design goals as the movable frame - less armor, more agility, make it
move more like a human. But the GP02 and GP03, again, seem unlikely to yield
useful information for creating mass-produced mobile suits.

  Perhaps the best explanation is that the Federation gave Anaheim a bunch
of R&D money and they went kinda crazy with it. :-)

-- Mark

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