Chris Maier (
Fri, 19 May 2000 15:37:06 -0400

I've been wondering-since the "GP" series were meant to be prototypes, were they meant to be mass-produced into GMs? I figure that the GP01 would make a pretty normal GM-it seems mostly like a minor upgrade of the first one, really, and FB does'nt count because i don't think UN would be able to mass-produce the Vernier engines. As for GP02, that would be interesting....I would think, since probably M-82s are'nt cheap, that it would end being something like a GM version of the Dom-sort of a heavy armor GM with big calves and one huge bazooka. As for GP03, I don't think it would be practical to mass-produce something so massive and probably expensive. However I can see maybe the binders being adapted in later GMs, perhaps for use with smaller attachments(Like a G-defensor or something)
Of course this is all wishful thinking, since the GP series was pretty much erased by the Titans...BTW, was'nt Delaz's broadcast shown at Von Braun, with the GP02 very plainly on the background? I wonder how the Titans covered that up?


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