Chris Maier (
Fri, 19 May 2000 15:02:55 -0400

I was suprised to find so many responses to my topic(I'm new here!)but I think the topic has gotten out of control. Personally, I like Japanese animation better than American not only because of it's style( I really like the detail that is put into each frame) but also it is more varied and more versatile than American animation. I also prefer the writing to American animation, as even kids shows like Kodomo No Omocha show a lot of depth(But not *all* anime kids shows-I'm not a big fan of the "Monster catching" shows).
 Anyway, that's my two cents, but honestly I think we should stop discussing Anime vs. American and get back to what this board is about: Gundam! In fact, I'm about to start a Dom thread!

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