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Fri, 19 May 2000 11:23:13 -0700

>>You should watch Trekkers. The geeks are even worse than in Galaxy Quest,
>>and they're real! Scary...
>The Star Wars fans are just as bad. So are the Babylon 5 nuts (I know, I
>used to be a B5 nut). But what's really scary is when you get a Trekker a
>Star Wars fan and a B5 nut together in one place and they start arguing
>whose series is better:
>SW: "There's NO WAY the Enterprise could beat a Super Star Destroyer!"
>B5: "To hell with you! A Vorlon Cruiser could clean both their clocks!"
>ST: "B5 sucks, DS9 RULES!"
>GundamFan: "All of you SHUT UP! Or I'll blast you with my colony laser!"

I must admit, I'm a Trek fan myself (not obsessed), and just had a (mild)
conversation the other day about who would win in a fight, the Enterprise or
ZZ Gundam (ZZ would smash the Enterprise, of course!) ;)

Peter Savin

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