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Brandon Perlow wrote:

> The Union is a Double edged sword.. I agree with those points.. But , when theUnion
> sets rates, its sets a rate
> for your skills, and encourages competitive prices from Non-Union.. If the Union is
> considered "High", DD, usually Pays LESS
> Maybe 20% less... Beware also of wishing for lower rates.. If the rate for a TD or FX

I want low rates for people who don't *deserve* the higher rates, even the minimum higher,
and high rates for those that are worth it. Implying that all artists should get at least
X is nuts since many of them stink.

> animator goes way down, that will afffect the value of your position at DD or other
> shops because the rate for your work will go down.. LA aint cheap , and you dont want to
> take a 40 percent pay cut or be undervalued and overworked.. Im not in the Union , nor
> do I love them , but they have some necessity.. As long as Im a digital artist, Im not
> in charge of the art, Im told what to do and not in full control, Im not making the
> Killer dough for the final product. Blame bad Producers , Supervisors and Management for
> that one...A great artist can be worth 2-3 cheaper less productive ones... So I wont

Very true. We get blamed if the movie tanks (those artists cost too much) but they get
credited when it is a success (the brilliant vision of the producer/director).

> feel guilty for charging what I feel is just.. If I can get 50 percent more, well more
> power to me , the Porsche Turbo fund will get bigger..(dont have one yet!)

I'll go Viper, but I agree.


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