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Vladimir Len wrote:

> Uh huh, maybe _you're_ the one on crack. I love Zeta Gundam more than
> anything in the world (I had the LD sets in the states on release), but I
> wouldn't call the animation "better than any US TV cartoon." It was at times
> grainy (looking at his collection of Zeta cels on the wall), and suffered
> occasionally from frame rates slower than Gumby at times. What's funny is
> that Zeta Gundam, after 15 years, still looks better than some current TV
> anime ;)

I'll admit, due to the current economy that alot of current shows have pretty
crappy animation. (BGC 2040 comes to mind) This seemed to hit AIC most of all.

But C'mon. Gasaraki is absolutely beautiful! Yes there are pan "Cels" (I am
unsure if Gasaraki is all CG or not) and lots of talking, but that is because so
much is put into the scenes that need it! Every frame is beautiful, in terms of
artwork, can you really say that about animaniacs?

I've only seen one episode of Daiguard, when I was in Japan. I thought the
animation looked about as good as Gasaraki.

As far as 80s anime like Zeta goes, there are badly animated episodes, and well
animated episodes. but if you compare the best animated episode of Zeta to the
best animated episode of a (completely american animated) US cartoon I think the
overall presentation of the US cartoon will fall short.

I'd also like to point out that I do like all of the Classic warner and post
Tiny Tunes warner cartoons. (although space Jam was crap...well animated crap
but crap nonetheless)

> - Vlad (who woulda responded earlier, but was power-less for 13 hours due to
> the storms that swept through the Chicago area)


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