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Vladimir Len wrote:

> It's because Disney caters to the family, and they do everything basically
> as a musical. Gotta keep the kiddies entertained and in their seats. Hence
> the "G" ratings from movie to movie (for the most part -- did Tarzan get a
> PG? I don't remember.)

Well every kid I've shown Totoro, or The Iron Giant to have loved them!
Neither of those movies are musicals. Disney lack any desire to innovate!
(deep Canvas does not count)

My favorite disney movie is The Rescuers, which is not a musical.

> One of my pet projects in college was to storyboard a "Disney" version of
> "Gundam" -- songs and all... I drank _way_ too much in college ;)

Oh, god. I'd love to see that. "Blame Zeon! Blame Zeon!"

---Brett Jensen

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