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On Fri, 19 May 2000, Robert Ludvig wrote:

> Please o Please say you are kidding about 8000 yen for the Sazabi...Ive
> wanted an MG of this bad boy for sooooooo long, and now its going to be like
> 75 Bucks US for the damn thing??? ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! They must
> not want us poor US college students to have them.......*sniff*
You're far too pessimistic =)
What you should be thinking about is ... if this badboy is 8000 yen, think
of the detail! Think of the size! Think of the goodies!
Right now the most expensive MG is the Super Gundam (RX-178+G defensor)
priced at a modest 4000 yen. The Sazabi is double that! Either it's going
to be positively huge or it's going to be loaded with extra features and
Always look on the bright side of life (da doo, da doo da doo da doo...),
I always say.

Oh yeh, and on another note, has everyone seen the fourth Budweiser Wassup
commercial, the one in the japanese restaurant with the Wasabi?
WASSSAAAABBIIII! Regardless, every time I see the Sazabi's name, I keep
thinking ... SAAAZZAAAAABBIIIIII! In the same way. No I'm not on crack. I

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