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> > then a Disney movie. I don't like Disney's animation, don't get
> > me wrong its
> > very good, its just too cartoony for me. I am older and expect
> > more mature
> > "real" and less cartoony, animation level.
> It's because Disney caters to the family, and they do everything basically
> as a musical. Gotta keep the kiddies entertained and in their seats. Hence
> the "G" ratings from movie to movie (for the most part -- did Tarzan get a
> PG? I don't remember.)
> I'm older and mature, but that doesn't mean the occasional Disney movie
> doesn't entertain me. It's cheaper than going to a Broadway show, and in
> some cases (anyone see Rent? *puke*), a hell of alot cheaper and better.
> It's still no substitute for anime :D
> One of my pet projects in college was to storyboard a "Disney" version of
> "Gundam" -- songs and all... I drank _way_ too much in college ;)

Hum, didn't Sunrise already did that with one episode of SD Gundam?

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